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Meet Bryanne '26

My name is Bryanne Sarfo and I am a sophomore in the ILR School minoring in Moral Psychology. Being from Brooklyn NY, I found that ILR is not too far from home and the perfect school for me to explore my interest in the combination of human resources (HR) and law. Fulfilling my mantra of “explore,” I facilitate my career exploration through courses, clubs, and internships.

My favorite class was one of the first I took at the ILR School. Intro to Psychology of Work, taught by Professor Vanessa Bohns reinforced my interest in HR and psychology. This course examines the underlying psychological processes that impact how and why we work, how we succeed in accomplishing work goals, and how we work together. It is a phenomenal course with teachings that are applicable to virtually any career. As I continue my studies, I notice how many of the concepts taught in this course are foundational to other subjects within the study of the workplace.

During my first-year, I joined ILR’s Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) to strengthen my knowledge of human resources. I knew right away that joining a club was a great way to meet new people, deepen your understanding of a topic, and most importantly, have fun! SHRM offered me opportunities to chat with ILR alumni and learn from their wisdom. Additionally, I was able to explore my first leadership role as the First-Year Representative. As a first-generation college student, I understand how nerve-wracking it can be to go for leadership roles, however, a club with a welcoming atmosphere, such as SHRM, makes it easier to break the ice.

During that winter, I continued to deepen my knowledge of the intersection between human resources and law through the EXPLORE Program hosted by the ILR Office of Career Services. During this wonderful opportunity, I shadowed an employment attorney who previously worked as an HR manager. It was fascinating to observe all his day-to-day responsibilities and how his acquired skills as a manager strengthened his legal work.

Ultimately, my experiences with courses, clubs, and internships were essential to reaffirming my interests and building my confidence. Whether you are a first-generation college student or not, exploration is key to making the most of your time at ILR, so go forth and conquer!