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Patrick Mehler (ILR ‘23)

ILRie Patrick J. Mehler takes office while still a student

Students in ILR emerge as leaders in countless fields both on campus and after graduation. Some students go from leading the Sports Business Society to becoming leaders at the NFL or MLB. Others go all-in with their conflict resolution courses and become prolific arbitrators across the nation. A handful of students, including myself, get involved with public office while we are still at Cornell.

In recently becoming an alderperson on the Ithaca Common Council, I have already begun using ILR’s teachings to help manage an $84,000,000 budget, assist constituents, and connect Cornellians with the City of Ithaca. As the Presidents of Cornell Votes, the Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club, and the Club Sports Council, I have utilized my ILR education from my first day in these roles. I use motivational techniques from my Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management classes to inspire other students and resolve conflicts with skills learned in Campus Mediation courses.

My success is due to ILR and I am unable to express how grateful I am for this home. I’ve experienced firsthand how an education in the world of work and the social sciences can make you a stronger leader and better prepared to serve your community. Cornell provides endless opportunities for whatever a student may be interested in. ILR helps you focus those interests and turn a desire to change the world into actionable steps.