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The dual degree MILR/MBA program from ILR and Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management offers a unique opportunity that places you in the center of today's fast changing workplace. The MILR/MBA program will:

  • Increase your career options
  • Develop management and technical skills
  • Increase your earning power
  • Gain two degrees in 2.5 years

Program Requirements

Students must apply to and be accepted in both the MILR and MBA programs. 

The dual degree requires 2 semesters in ILR and 3 semesters at Johnson.

MILR Requirements

Students must complete the 6 required MILR core courses below, or substitute acceptable courses if a core course waiver is approved. In addition, students are required to take as many relevant and appropriate electives as needed to fulfill the 30 credit requirement for the MILR portion of the MILR/MBA dual degree.

  • ILRLR 5000 Labor Relations
  • ILRLR 5010 Labor and Employment Law
  • ILRST 5050 Statistics at Work or ILRST 5110 Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences
  • ILROB 5200 Organizational Behavior
  • ILRLE 5400 Labor Economics
  • ILRHR 5600 Human Resource Management

MBA Requirements

Please visit the Johnson School's MILR/MBA webpage for additional information about the requirements for the MBA portion of the dual degree including Johnson's application process and degree requirements.


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