Collective Representation

The Collective Representation concentration focuses on industrial relations, including the past, present and future labor movement. In addition to the core courses, students choosing this concentration can take classes on the history of unions, the modern workforce, international and comparative political economy and theories of the labor movement.

The MILR degree requires a minimum of 48 credit hours, encompassing at least 16 courses comprised of 6 core courses, 6 concentration courses and elective courses.


Students in the Collective Representation concentration enroll in a minimum of 4 additional free electives. Some examples of elective courses are listed below.

  • ILRLR 4070 Contemporary Union Movement
  • ILRLR 6017 Planes, Trains, and Labor Relations: Law and Policy Under the Railway Labor Act
  • ILRIC 6320 Comparative Labor Movements: Europe and the United States
  • ILRIC 6333 Comparative Labor and Employment
  • ILRLR 6870 Introduction to Labor Research