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Sudip Roy Headshot

Sudip Roy

MILR, '20
Ithaca, New York
Human Resources & Organizations

Why did you choose the MILR program?

Everyone knows it's one of the best programs in the country. Reputation aside, through its faculty, library catalogue, and courses, the program offers a wide and unparalleled set of knowledge resources. It provides a comprehensive view of the world of work, equipping you with management and labor lenses. By allowing you to take courses from different schools, the program offers you a flexibility and expansive learning experience that few others can offer.

As somebody who wanted to pivot to HR, but had had no professional experience, the MILR program served as the perfect bridge. The program far exceeded my expectations after I joined. Having lived and worked in big cities all my life, I am also biased towards living away from one for two years.

What is your favorite part about the MILR program?

My favorite part of the MILR program is the diversity of my cohort. I don't mean just demographic diversity, though that exists as well. My classmates come from different professional and academic backgrounds, have grown up in different cultures (both in America and around the world), and have a variety of different goals following the program (from PhD to CHRO, and everything in between). Such an excellent wealth of diverse experiences has been immensely beneficial to me, both personally and professionally, and I've made some great friends in the program. (People often call us a family, and minus the blood relationship, the epithet is not completely unfounded).

What has been your favorite class so far?

It's difficult to choose one - I've learned something new and interesting from every course. If I had to pick one, it would be HR Leadership: Views from the Top. I'm doing it this semester (Spring 2020). It exposes me to the complex and no-right-answer world of HR leaders, and the exciting, challenging, and courage-seeking situations they encounter. We also get the opportunity to hear from and network with senior HR executives from companies. I think it's an apt course for my last semester.

What is your favorite part of Ithaca?

Ithaca will always be special to me. As an international student, it's the place where my first memories of this country were born. Coming from the tropics, it's also the first place that demystified and allowed me to experience snow. The gorges are beautiful, and the festivals in the Commons are exciting. I'm lucky to live with excellent roommates, one of whom cooks me dinner every night - so my favorite place in Ithaca, quite uninterestingly, is home.

What advice would you give a prospective student?

The strategic, comprehensive, and flexible nature of the MILR program will offer you an unmatched learning experience. It may challenge traditional notions of the field, and equip you with more lenses than just that of your chosen discipline. There are tons of resources and people to help you navigate this journey. When you come to Ithaca, pack the following in your suitcase: warm clothes, snow boots, an openness to learn, and expectations of a great professional and personal experience.

What was your summer internship company/location?

Last summer I did an HR Analytics internship at GlobalFoundries. It's a global semiconductor company based in Malta, NY (very close to Albany).

What was the highlight of your summer intnernship?

As my first professional foray into HR, the summer internship was very valuable to me. It introduced me to HR Analytics, and gave me the opportunity to initiate and lead some HR Operations projects. The highlight of my summer though was the host of weekend trips I made with my fellow interns to New York City, Philadelphia, and Cape Cod.

Where will you be working full-time after you graduate?

I will be joining Citi in NYC as part of their Human Resources Management Associate program in August, 2020. 

More about Sudip

Undergrad Degree: Psychology and Economics at Singapore Management University, Singapore

Prior Work Experience: Client services, regulatory due diligence, and financial crime operations in the Corporate and Investment Banking arm of Barclays, Singapore