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Skyler Hill Headshot

Skyler Hill

MILR '23
Ithaca, NY
Human Resources and Organizations

Human Resorces and Organizations

Why did you choose the MILR program?

Two reasons! First, I am interested in an HR career to help create and implement more equitable, human-centric systems at work. I knew that the MILR program’s commitment to discussing both business and labor representation perspectives would be invaluable for me, and learning from industry-leading professors would provide me with cutting-edge information, advice, and opportunities, both personally and professionally.

Second, I wanted to be immersed in a program whose culture was very diverse, community-driven, and supportive. My cohort has a mix of students straight-through from undergrad, students with work experience, and international students. I feel like I have learned so, so much from my peers during my time here, and the community we have forged together is incredibly caring, enriching, and fun.


What is your favorite part of the MILR program?

There are lots of wonderful things to choose from, but I am going to say my favorite is the course options. One of the incredible features of the MILR program is the flexibility to pick your own courses, both within the ILR School and across campus. Because of this, I have fallen into new passions within HR and broadened my professional and personal skillset. Plus, many classes which cannot be taken for program credit can still be taken as audits (lectures without grades) or pass/fail, so I have been able to stay creatively engaged through art history and active through the plethora of physical-education classes Cornell offers. Every semester, I am genuinely excited for course registration because of the new opportunities being offered!


What is your favorite class?

I cannot bring myself to pick a favorite—there are too many solid options—so I am narrowing it down to my top three:

  • Dr. Chris Collins’s “HR Leadership: Views from the Top”

  • Dr. Brian Lucas’s “Making and Selling Creative Ideas”

  • Dr. Susanne Bruyère’s “Disability Considerations in HR Policy and Practice”


What is your favorite part of Ithaca?

Easily the scenery. Ithaca as a whole is the prettiest place I have ever lived, and Cornell’s campus is just as gorgeous. (Pun intended.) I love walking everywhere and exploring when I have the time—there is tons to discover!


What advice would you give a prospective student?

APPLY! If you are seriously considering the MILR program, I would argue that you are likely a good candidate. It is an incredible, enriching experience and has hugely benefitted me in terms of job opportunities, earnings, personal/professional connections, and future security.


Summer Internship Company/Location?

This summer, I worked as a Talent & Culture (HR) Graduate Intern with KPMG and was fully remote out of Austin, Texas.


Highlight from Summer Internship?

Me and my graduate intern peers had a lot of incredible exposure during our summer together: we traveled to different offices and training facilities across the country; frequently worked with and received mentorship from C-level leaders; and designed a rotational HR leadership development program for high-potential, early-career candidates. It was an incredible experience and I only have great things to say.


Do You Have A Full-Time Offer That You Are Accepting? 

I am returning to KPMG as a Senior Associate, Talent & Culture in Fall, 2023. I will be joining the leadership development program I co-designed during my internship!


More about You

Prior Education?

I am a straight-through student from Baylor University, where I graduated with a double-BBA in human resource management and marketing. I was also a member of Baylor’s SHRM chapter and earned my SHRM-CP certification.


Prior Work Experience/Internships?

Before getting to Cornell, I held three HR internships with NXP Semiconductors across their Talent Management & Development and Global Compensation functions. I also held a handful of jobs and club positions during my time at Baylor and tried to be thoroughly involved around campus