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Future of HR Event

MILR Representatives Win Awards at Future of HR Event

University of South Carolina
Future of HR Event

Holly Harmon, Farshad Firouzian, Kate Grumbles

Masters of Industrial Labor Relations students Holly Harmon, Farshad Firouzian and Kate Grumbles (pictured left to right) participated in the University of South Carolina Future of HR event on September 22-23.

The focus of this event was to bring together the top schools and students in the field of HR and provide them an opportunity to connect with each other, leaders in the field, as well as compete in a challenge to engage the next generation of HR leaders via TikTok.

"Kate, Farshad, and I were sent as representatives for the MILR program, and we are extremely grateful to have been able to attend," says Harmon. "It was impactful to be surrounded by passionate students from across the country as we discussed how to take our field to the next level.

Some of the top highlights of my experience was being able to speak with Dave Ulrich about his research in the field, discussing with students from across the country on how to attract for talent into the field, and celebrating Farshad's TikTok competition and Kate and I's awards at the end of the competition."