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Jesse Proctor

MILR '18
Calvin, WV
Human Resources & Organizations

Favorite part of the MILR program?

I've enjoyed the opportunity to meet and learn from such a supportive group of people. The collegial atmosphere and culture of collaboration within the program has allowed me to glean valuable insights from experienced professionals while also gaining a large group of lifelong friends that I never would have met without the opportunity to be a part of the MILR Program. 

My Favorite Class

Fundamentals of Benefits and the Employee Value Proposition has been my favorite course thus far.  Being taught  by a current senior vice president at a leading financial services company was a great experience that would be difficult, if not impossible, to replicate at another program.  

Summer Internship Location

Ingersoll Rand

Highlight From Your Summer Internship

My primary project was to conduct an audit of the development plans of 183 high potential employees within Ingersoll Rand’s residential HVAC business unit.  The final project resulted in a recommend process redesign to improve the development planning process.  I was also fortunate to get the opportunity to expand the scope of the project by gathering data related to mobility within the company as it related to the strength of the audited development programs. In addition to my main project, I was given the opportunity to see first hand how labor relations was conducted in a unionized plant environment.    

Something You Like About Ithaca

There's a lot I like about Ithaca, but my favorite thing is going to visit the local gorges during fall while the leaves around them are changing into vibrant fall colors.

Advice for Incoming Students

Explore everything Cornell has to offer.  The class offerings are immense, innumerable events regularly take place on campus, and there are more than 1,000 student clubs to take part in.  Four semesters isn't a lot of time, so experience as much as you can.   

More About Jesse

  • Internship Experience: Ingersoll Rand
  • Undergraduate School and Degree: West Virginia University Institute of Technology, BS in Accounting