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Ethan Call Headshot

Ethan Call

MILR, '21
Ithaca, New York
Human Resources & Organizations

Why did you choose the MILR program?

Going to graduate school wasn’t a choice I made lightly, but when I saw everything that Cornell’s MILR program had to offer, I knew I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. There are so many reasons that played a part in my choice to come here. The MILR network alone is an incredible resource for young professionals; when I joined the program, I joined a community that goes above and beyond to support its members and open as many doors as possible for them. I also chose the MILR program because of its reputation for training and developing future HR leaders. Two years at Cornell seemed like a huge commitment at first, but when I compared it with everything I would get in return, the answer to come here was easy.  

What is your favorite part about the MILR program?

Easily my favorite part of the program is the cohort of students that are in it with me. I can honestly say that I have never met a group of people as kind, fun, professional, and helpful as my fellow MILR students. There is a real sense of friendship and community here which makes the MILR program that much better. Not only am I getting a high-quality education, I’m getting a high-quality experience as well. As cliché as it sounds, the MILR community truly does feel like a family. 

What is your favorite class so far?

It’s hard to choose a favorite because they’re each great in their own way, however, if I had to choose it would be “Business Strategy and Finance.” As someone who came into the MILR program with a limited background in finance and accounting, this class has been incredibly illuminating. It has helped me realize that HR professionals become more effective when they can advocate with business acumen and not just HR knowledge.    

What is your favorite part of Ithaca?

The views in Ithaca are incredible. My hometown is both flat and a desert so when I came here and was able to see for (what seemed like) hundreds of miles, it was breath-taking. There are several spots on Cornell’s campus that overlook Ithaca and the surrounding areas and it is absolutely magnificent. These hills here can be a handful, but the views they provide are absolutely incredible.

What advice would you give a prospective student?

Be confident in yourself and understand your personal value beyond being a high-achieving student/employee. The first semester moves so quickly and with everything going on it becomes easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others and feeling like you come up short. The MILR program is renowned enough that there is plenty of success to go around for everyone. Don’t be afraid to reach and ask for help and, on the flip side, don’t be afraid to reach out and offer help.  

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Undergrad Degree: B.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Brigham Young University, Idaho