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Ebun Sotubo Headshot

Ebun Sotubo

MILR, '20
Ithaca, New York
Human Resources & Organizations

Why did you choose the MILR program?

Having worked in HR for 4 years, I chose the MILR program because I was looking for a practical study that would redirect my thinking from approaching HR with a transactional mindset to a strategic one. My desire was to shift focus to higher-level business issues, use HR as a tool for influencing business outcomes and ultimately stay relevant as a HR Professional.

What is your favorite part about the MILR program?

Beyond the intellectually stimulating environment, I appreciate that we have a very supportive graduate office, career services office, and faculty. I ensure that I frequently visit the graduate office staff for a quick chat because I always leave with a smile☺. I also like that the MILR program has exposed me to a cohort and alumni network that is focused on empowering each other - creating memories, social experiences, and professional development opportunities for us MILRs to succeed.

What is your favorite class so far?

It's hard to take sides when there's a tie between Human Resource Management, Organizational Consulting, and Women and Leadership.

What is your favorite part of Ithaca?

The nice restaurants around! OMG! There is so much good food here that I can satisfy most of my cravings when I have them. Also, the beautiful scenery - there are lots of places to hike, the gorges are beautiful and I love love love going to Stewart Park!

What advice would you give a prospective student?

Take advantage of the academic and professional resources that you have here. From the classes to the people, to the learning & leadership opportunities to social activities and free food! There is so much here that you can barely get through in the 2 years that you are here. And while you may be overwhelmed with the 'goodies' at Cornell, don't forget to explore Ithaca and have fun.

What was your summer internship company/location?

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, Washington

What is the highlight from your summer internship?

It was amazing! I had a great experience working closely with the talent acquisition team and learning more about their people strategy. The role gave me a good hands-on experience of people management which we all know is a key competency in HR today; my ideas were solicited and I felt like I made an impact and contributed to driving their people strategy forward. The people on my team felt and treated me like family and I also got to build other meaningful relationships across the organization. There was this sense of community and respect - people were treated equally irrespective of their background or position and I appreciated that. Seattle was a beautiful city and I got to explore a lot (still more to do) and make new friends. I could go on and on about that!

What is your full-time company/location?

HR Specialist at Amazon Web Services in Seattle, Washington

More About Ebun

  • Undergrad Degree: International Relations at Covenant University, Nigeria
  • Prior Work Experience: HR Generalist for 4 years + 1 year of administrative-related experience