Gratitude for the Community Builders

Nabiha Qudsi
August 17, 2015
Nabiha Qudsi

During my High Road experience, I have been able to meet some remarkable people. They are people who are truly passionate about what they do and will do anything to achieve their dream. Their dream is not even a selfish one. Their dream is to help other people and give justice to the people who need it. Oftentimes these people have seen the worst, but they are still doing what they do. They often go unrecognized, and I would like to take a few minutes and just thank them for all they have done in the community.

I went to lunch with Sam, a few other interns, and a woman whose name I cannot quite remember. The woman had already established her career and wanted to start a music program for refugee youth. People often fail to neglect some of the small things that take time and patience. This woman coordinated a way for the students to get to the studio after school– a seemingly harmless task, but when you think about it, she and her organization are dealing with a handful of hyper children. Similarly, the organization has to face countless of language barriers. This is another extraordinarily difficult task because verbal communication can be next to impossible.  However, the woman has placed trust in the children and still continues to do what she does. It is no easy task, but she has helped countless of children in her efforts.

This is just one of the many examples I have for the people in Buffalo. They have been doing thankless jobs that people often overlook. They are the ones changing the community little by little every day. They love what they do and I sincerely hope that one day I can get the same passion and drive that they have.

It is important to thank these people while it is possible. Without their passion, the whole Buffalo revitalization movement would not be going on. They are kind-hearted people who are always willing to extend an hand. They serve their communities from the goodness from their hearts. They could have chosen less tiresome jobs, but they chose to build our community. Considering how Buffalo has changed in recent years, they have done an amazing job.

So, this is my thank you to anyone who has served the community. Whether it is working at a soup kitchen or creating a non-profit organization to serve the under-resourced community: thank you. Everyone may not recognize what is being done or has been accomplished, but the work is still essential to our community. Thank you.