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Robert Hutchens

Professor of Economics and Editorial Board ILR Review
Director of Cornell in Washington Program


Robert Hutchens is a Professor in the Department of Labor Economics at Cornell’s ILR School. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Wisconsin in 1976, specializing in labor economics, public finance, and econometrics. His teaching focuses on labor economics and on the economics of government tax and transfer programs. His early research dealt with the economics of government transfer programs, with an emphasis on social security, unemployment insurance and Aid to Families with Dependent Children. More recently his research has concentrated on the labor market for older workers with a particular emphasis on employer policies toward phased retirement.

Professor Hutchens served as a Policy Fellow at the Brookings Institution, as an Associate Editor at the Industrial and Labor Relations Review, as Chairman of the Department of Labor Economics, and as a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). He has held visiting positions at the University of British Columbia, at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and at the International Labor Organization.

Teaching Statement

Robert Hutchens focuses his teaching on labor economics and on the economics of government tax and transfer programs. He is particularly interested in helping students apply basic economic theory and methods to areas where government policy influences labor markets outcomes.

Research Statement

Robert Hutchens focuses his research on the labor market for older workers as well as the problem of developing measures of labor market segregation. His most recent article is "Symmetric Measures of Segregation, Segregation Curves, and Blackwell's Criterion," Mathematical Social Sciences.

Service Statement

Robert Hutchens served as Director of the Cornell in Washington program from 2008 to 2016


Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

  • Robert Hutchens. 2009. Review of R. Penner, International Perspectives on Social Security Reform. Great Britain: Journal of Pension Economics and Finance/Cambridge University Press, 2009. (527-29)
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Professional Activities

  • The Problem of Measuring Segregation: Old Approaches and New Directions. Presented to Population Research Institute, Pennsylvania State University. State College, Pennsylvania. 2009.

Honors and Awards

  • MacIntyre Award for Teaching and Advising for 2019, The ILR School .


Ives Hall, Room 259

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Other Areas of Expertise

Social Insurance and Public Assistance, Public Finance, Applied Econometrics, Older Workers and Aging, Welfare