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Michael Gold

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Global Labor and Work (GLW)


Michael Evan Gold was born, reared, and educated in California. He attended elementary and secondary school in San Jose, received a bachelor of arts degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and completed his formal education with a law degree from Stanford. Thereafter he served for three years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia, West Africa; in the first year he taught mathematics and English in a junior high school, and in the next two years he taught Civil Procedure and Evidence in the law school of the University of Liberia. After an additional year living abroad, he and his family returned to California.

Prof. Gold then practiced law for three years with Schwartz, Steinsapir & Dohrmann, a firm representing labor unions and individuals in Los Angeles. Although much of his time was devoted to advocacy in arbitrations, he also litigated cases in employment discrimination and union democracy. While practicing, he served as a part-time instructor at the U. of San Fernando Valley College of Law, an independent law school in Los Angeles; he accepted an appointment to its full-time faculty and taught courses on remedies, civil procedure, and employment discrimination law. He also served as an arbitrator in a labor-management dispute.

He accepted an appointment to the ILR School of Cornell U. in 1977, where he teaches courses on labor and employment law, employment discrimination law, ethics, and the intellectual and moral origins of the American Constitution. He has published introductory books on labor law and on employment discrimination law as well as articles in scholarly journals on sex discrimination, the theory of disparate impact, age discrimination, levels of abstraction in legal thinking, and a philosophical justification for judicial restraint. Recently the Cornell U. Press published his book, A Primer on Legal Reasoning.

Teaching Statement

Prof. Gold presently teaches Labor and Employment Law; Employment Discrimination Law; Ethics at Work, which is an introduction to ethical philosophy; and American Ideals, which explores the moral and intellectual roots of the American constitution.

Research Statement

Prof. Gold is working on an article on discrimination under section 8(a)(1) of the National Labor Relations Act.

Outreach Statement

Prof. Gold has taught numerous courses on labor law and employment discrimination law in ILR's Extension Division.


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Book Chapters

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Selected Works

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Honors and Awards

  • McIntyre Award for Exemplary Teaching, ILR School. 2016
  • McIntyre Award for Exemplary Teaching, ILR School. 2011
  • McIntyre Award for Examplary Teaching, ILR School. 2006
  • Schering-Plough Award for Exemplary Teaching, ILR School. 1996