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Brian Dunn
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Brian Dunn

Visiting Lecturer
Institute for Compensation Studies


I am an expert in the field of Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance. I have over 40 years of experience in the field and have consulted to over 100 organizations and their Boards on the design, form and magnitude of executive compensation. I am frequently called on as an expert witness on the topic of the fairness, reasonableness, level and form of executive compensation. I have also

Teaching Statement

For the past 8 years I have taught courses on executive compensation and corporate governance to undergraduates and graduate students (MILR and MBA). In those course students learn about who is involved in executive compensation decisions, how levels of pay are set, how performance metrics are determined and what checks and balances exist in the system.

Research Statement

My primary role is as a practitioner advisor to academic researchers I connect academics to data sources and point the way to important unanswered questions that have real world impact, I am currently participating in research on the determination of the grant date fair value of performance shares to test whether there is a bias toward undervaluation.

Service Statement

I helped form, and currently serve as the advisor to the Cornell Compensation Club.. I have worked with the ILR Placement Office to make presentations to students on how to understand and negotiate their employment offers. I have also worked with a number of students to secure internship and full time employment. I have served as the faculty advisor to students who have been involved in credit internship program. I have also participated in the EMHRM program.

Outreach Statement

I am the Director of Professional Programs for the Institute of Compensation Studies. I have developed, secured sponsorship for and currently head two initiatives; The ICS Symposium and the ICS Scholars program. The ICS Symposium is an annual convening of of academics and practitioners to leverage academic research to improve corporate compensation structures. The ICS Scholars program enables interested students to become "credentialed" in the compensation field through a bespoke curriculum, eCornell certification, structured mentorship and internships.