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The ILR School is proud to partner with Cornell's David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement in our efforts to enhance and expand the engaged learning opportunities available for ILR students. This school-wide initiative builds on ILR’s long-standing commitment to improving the lives of workers and advancing progressive outcomes for communities, unions and organizations. The cornerstone of this initiative is ILR’s new Office of Engaged and Experiential Programs. The office coordinates an array of engaged and experiential learning and research opportunities, and seeks to create new engaged experiences for ILR students.

ILR Engaged Learning Courses

Beyond the Classroom

Find ILR engaged learning courses and research opportunities by searching the Einhorn Center’s course directory.

Lee Adler and students engaging in learning

David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement

Engaged College Initiative

The ILR School is part of the Engaged College Initiative from the David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement. Through the initiative, the Einhorn Center provides three-year foundational block grants, consultations and training with the ultimate goal of building a long-term collaborative relationship that advances and sustains engaged learning within the school.

portrait of Kara Lombardi

“We share the Einhorn Center’s overarching goal of having all students participate in a community- engaged learning opportunity during their time at Cornell. I believe that through our collaboration with the Einhorn Center, and with the support of this comprehensive grant, we will be able to achieve this ambitious goal by 2025.”

– Kara Lombardi, assistant dean for Student Experience and Wellbeing