Jacob Reichert

Photo: Jacob Reichert

Jacob Reichert


Buffalo CarShare

Buffalo, NY

Work Highlights
  • Researched potential carsharing sites and localities for investment nationally using census data and qualitative factors modeled after Buffalo.
  • Organized a meeting of statewide carsharing organizations to have a dialogue about opening up carsharing beyond large cities to new markets and new demographics.
  • Assisted with launch of Social Bicycles, an affordable bike-sharing program offering the use of 75 bicycles, all equipped with GPS systems. 
In their words

"I chose the High Road because Buffalo CarShare offered me a chance to participate in marketing and promotion, something I had never done before but was very interested in. At the same time, this internship also allowed me to support economic and environmental justice, two topics which I am experienced in and passionate about.

I think that taking the High Road means ethically and efficiently working toward positive, lasting changes in a community. My experiences are teaching me to look at communities in a different way, with a greater sense of what they can be. Seeing the possibilities instead of just seeing what is lacking or accepting the status quo decreases complacency, and helps to inspire people to work toward change. The High Road program is putting me on a path toward a career that I can be proud of. "