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Yorango on a Roll

Adam Kirsch

Adam Kirsch '15 MBA '16 has seen Yorango, his startup, grow to more than 4,700 local users.

Featured in Forbes this winter as one of the nation’s 15 brightest college entrepreneurs, Kirsch estimates that 40 percent of Ithaca’s student renters use Yorango.

The company brings together online rental listings for student housing properties with a property management tool for small and midsize landlords.

Yorango makes money by charging a monthly rate for access to its services, Kirsch said.

“We're now working with nearly two dozen local landlords. Yorango is digitizing the entire rental process from beginning to end,” he said, predicting the number of users will go.

“We will be launching our software-as-a-service for property management this quarter, and we are currently looking into other markets for which Yorango might be a good fit.”

Yorango has collected accolades including the Tech. Co New York City Startup of the Year Readers’ Choice award and a semi-finalist spot at the RECESS College Pitch Competition in Los Angeles.

Kirsch has advice for those wanting to be entrepreneurs:

  • “Talk to as many potential customers as you can as fast as you can.”
  • “Customers will tell you the solutions they want. It’s up to you to make them a reality.”
  • “You start to see a theme as you learn and iterate.”
  • “Team trust is important.”