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Through teaching, research and outreach, ILR generates and shares knowledge to solve human problems, manage and resolve conflict, establish best practices in the workplace and inform government policy.

Students and Faculty Honored

2016 McPherson Awards

Faculty, staff and students gathered for the 23rd annual McPherson Honors and Awards banquet at The Statler Hotel on April 21.

Students received awards based on scholarship, leadership and service to the community.

Seniors who are candidates for the “graduation with honors” designation, which requires completion of a thesis, were also acknowledged.

Faculty awards were based on nominations by students and supporting letters.

Award recipients, announced by Professor George Boyer, ILR’s director of teaching, and Laura Lewis, ILR’s Frank B. Miller Director of Student Services, are:

General Mills Award for Exemplary Graduate Teaching: Associate Professor Marya Besharov
MacIntyre Award for Exemplary Teaching: Visiting Assistant Professor Allison Elias
MacIntyre Award for Exemplary Teaching: Associate Professor Michael Gold
Robert N. Stern Award for Teaching & Mentoring: Labor Education Research Director Kate Bronfenbrenner
Robert N. Stern Award for Teaching & Mentoring: Professor William Sonnenstuhl
SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence: Honore Johnson ’16
SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence: Daniel Muniz-Garcia ’16
Merrill Presidential Scholar, Seidman Award: Esther Jiang ’16
Merrill Presidential Scholar: Jason Lefkovitz ’16
Merrill Presidential Scholar: Rebeka Tannenbaum ’16
ILR Global Scholar: Lianne Canarick ’16
ILR Global Scholar: Xinrong “Rose” Lu ’16
ILR Global Scholar, Ives/Kaufmann-Seidenberg Award: Scott Seidenberger ’16
Eric Lawrence Ehrenberg Memorial Prize: Chaila Fraundorfer ’16
Virginia Freeman Memorial Prize: Sarah Gilman ’16
Stuart Linnick Memorial Prize: Amy ElSayed ’16               
Daniel J. Alpern Award: Kendall Grant ’16
Daniel J. Alpern Award, candidate for Honors: Wyatt Nelson ’16
James Campbell Award: Matthew Battaglia ’16
John O’Donnell Prize in Labor Law: Julissa Andrade ’18
Graduate Student Seidman Award: Michael Maffie, Ph.D. ’16

Seniors who are candidates for graduation with honors, and titles of their theses, are:

Kelly Bershader
“Boeing and Airbus: Analyzing the Impact of Global Processes on Organizational Culture”

Marc Getzoff
“Economic and Political Impacts of U.S. influence on El Salvador from the 1930's to the present”

Kendall Grant
“Greek Life at Cornell: Fostering Communities or Exacerbating Social Fragmentation? Assessing Divides of Race, Gender, Sexuality”

Michael Iadevaia
“Analyzing the Impact of the NLRB's Representation Rule Change”

Esther Jiang
“Rights with Remedies: Restoring Labor Rights to Unauthorized Workers after the U.S. Supreme Court's Hoffman Decision”

Andy Kim
“Under Title VII: Workplace Protections on the Basis of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation”

Wyatt Nelson
“Organizing in the Heart of Destruction: Worker Environmentalists Use Labor Unions to Challenge Industrial Corporations”

Scott Seidenberger
“A Cross-sectoral Approach to Employer Brand Equity: Evaluating Technical, New Labor Market Entrants”