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Malcomb and Huang head shot composite

Graduate Students Receive Awards

Chuling “Adam” Huang, Ph.D. ’24, and doctoral student Claire Sandman Malcomb will each receive a $2,500 Benjamin Miller Scholarship Fund award to support research activities.

Professor Martin Wells, the Charles A. Alexander Professor of Statistical Sciences and ILR’s director of research, made the announcement today.

The annual awards go to graduate students requiring financial support for research activities leading to completion of a master’s of science thesis or doctoral dissertation. 

Huang’s topic is “A Comparative Study of Chinese Agricultural Investments in Africa.” His adviser is Professor Eli Friedman.

Huang will research Chinese agricultural investments in sub-Saharan Africa through a comparative study of companies financed by different types of capital (state capital, private capital and a mixture of both), specifically focusing on labor relations.

Little is known, he said, about Chinese agricultural engagement in the African continent. Huang said he plans to use the Miller Scholarship to fund his pilot fieldwork this summer.  

Malcomb’s topic is  “Creating Organizational Inclusion Through Cultures of Allyship.”

Her adviser is Associate Professor Emily Zitek.

In this work, Malcomb examines how organizations can engage employees in ally behavior policies to effectively create inclusive cultures. She hopes to better understand the paradox between increasing engagement in ally policies and maintaining employee feelings of autonomy, which is important to minimize backlash. 

She plans to use her award to fund experiments and pay interview participants.

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