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Daniel James posing with the Clete Daniel medal

Daniel James Wins Clete Daniel Award

ILR senior Daniel James has been named the winner of the 2022 Clete Daniel Award.

James took home a medal from the School of Business of University College Dublin and a $250 cash award from ILR.

Daniel taught Labor History at ILR for 37 years and won Cornell and ILR teaching awards. Daniel’s Bitter Harvest: A History of California Farmworkers 1870-1941 book was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

He began serving as director of ILR Credit Internship Programs in 1989 and co-founded the ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin program in 2006 with University College Dubin Professor Roland Erne. The annual Daniel medal award was established in 2010 by University College Dublin professors to honor Daniel’s commitment to international education.  

This year marks the twelfth anniversary of Professor Daniel's passing in April 2010. “The continued success and popularity of the Semester in Dublin Program is just one example of Professor Daniel's continued legacy at the ILR School,” according to Brigid Beachler, managing director of ILR Off-Campus Credit Programs.

The coin-shaped sterling silver medallion is awarded to students for outstanding academic achievement in the ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program.

The program has enrolled roughly a dozen ILR students every fall semester since its founding and has expanded to include a wide-range of new course offerings and two study trips to the European University Institute in Florence, Italy and the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. 

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