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Worker Institute leaderhip and research fellows

Worker Institute Research Fellows Named

The Worker Institute has named 26 undergraduate research fellows to work on nine projects ranging from climate jobs, to immigration, to the ILR School’s Labor Action Tracker.

The ILR students were selected from 78 applicants and will be compensated in part through a multi-year grant from Eric Wagner ’92.

Each year, the Worker Institute selects undergraduate research fellows for both fall and spring semesters to work in small teams on specific projects under the direction of ILR resident and extension faculty members.

The Fall 2022 Worker Institute projects, fellows and supervisors are:

Equity in Focus: Job Creation for a Just Society

Fellows – Anastasia Assenso, Samantha Ivey, Sara Javkhlan

Supervisors – Worker Institute Director of Research for Worker Rights and Equity Anne Marie Brady; Professor Risa Lieberwitz

Labor Leading on Climate: Climate Jobs Program

Fellows – Maral Asik, Scott Siegel, Amira Shimin, Hanna Xue

Supervisors – Worker Institute Director of Labor Leading on Climate Lara Skinner, Anita Raman, Avalon Hoek Spaans, Zach Cunningham

ILR’s Labor Action Tracker

Fellows – Carla Gaveglia, Tara Gideon, Jazmine Fernandez, Kathryn Ritchie

Supervisors – Professor Eli Friedman, Johnnie Kallas

The Equity at Work and Precarious Workforce Initiatives

Fellows – Ketchel Carey, Vienna O’Brien, Anjali Panchal

Supervisors – Professor Risa Lieberwitz; Worker Institute Director of Workplace Issues KC Wagner

Engagement with Farmworkers

Fellows – José Perez-Zetune

Supervisors – Professor Risa Lieberwitz; Cornell Farmworker Program Director Mary Jo Dudley

Immigration, Race and Workplace Precarity

Fellows – Gaëlle Alcindor, Kevin Diaz, Ethan Lodge, Jesusla Sinfort

Supervisors – Professor Shannon Gleeson; Professor Kate Griffith; Worker Institute Executive Director Patricia Campos-Medina

Colonialism, Land & Labor in the Indian Himalaya

Fellows – Elijah Emery, Mohona Ganguly

Supervisor – Associate Professor Sarah Besky

Displaced and Uprooted: Stories of Belonging Central American TPS Workers’ Defiant Struggle for their Right to Stay Home in the United States

Fellows – Carly Powers, Elle Michel

Supervisor – Worker Institute Executive Director Patricia Campos-Medina; Professor Ileen DeVault

The Changing Climate for Union Organizing: 2022 Update

Fellows – Ketchel Carey, George Millette, Pranathi Charasala

Supervisor – Director of Labor Education Research Kate Bronfenbrenner

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