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Cornell University Debates in Spanish

Debate Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Cornell's Debate in Spanish Club will hold an Oct. 6 debate in Spanish for the United States Agency for International Development and its partners.

“Should we prioritize vocational education over higher education?” is the question that will be debated. To attend the virtual event, begin by logging in here.

Spanish Debate Team senior members – Matilde Cardoso, CALS ’23; Yinkei de Maqua, A&S ’23, Ethan Lodge, ILR ’23, and Jacobo Carreon, CIS ’23 – will argue both sides of the motion for 20 minutes. The remaining time will be dedicated to reflection on the debate, judging the winning side and a Q&A on the role of debate in youth development in the Latin American and Caribbean Region.

The Debate in Spanish Club is part of the Cornell Speech and Debate Program, based at the ILR School.

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