Editor in Chief

Classroom learning applied in ILR senior's leadership of The Cornell Daily Sun
Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Following in the hallowed footsteps of E.B. White, Haley Velasco '15 is editor in chief of The Cornell Daily Sun this semester.

Velasco started in the sports department of The Sun while a first-year student and now oversees the paper’s finances, operations and staff of about 200.

Her journalism experience includes internships with the USA Today editorial page and the Yahoo! Entertainment News Department. She was also a collegiate sports blogger for The Quad, published by The New York Times.

"ILR has provided me with a deeper understanding of working with people," Velasco said.

"I use what I have studied in the classroom in my day-to-day leadership role at The Sun to effectively manage a team to create the best product that we can."