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Social, Economic, and Political Impact of the Ebola Pandemic

Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies Roundtable Discussion Series:


Monday, November 10, at 4:30 pm
B25, Warren Hall
Admission is free and open to the public

Panelists Include:
CHINUA AKUKWE (Public Health, George Washington University)
NATHANIEL HUPERT (Public Health and Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College)
JOHN PANZER (International Trade Department, World Bank)
NICOLAS VAN DE WALLE (Government, Cornell University)

MUNA NDULO (Law School, Director of the Institute for African Development, Cornell University)

Organized by the Institute for African Development (IAD) and the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, the roundtable discussion brings together leading experts to discuss the impact of the Ebola pandemic from different perspectives. There is global consensus that the pandemic has brought untold damage not only to the health and social welfare of the affected countries, but also to mining, agriculture, and service industries globally, as investors evacuate foreign workers, borders close, and international flights are suspended. Bread-basket regions are under quarantine, making agricultural trade impossible. The political repercussions could be far reaching. Please join the Einaudi Center and IAD in discussing the impact the Ebola pandemic is having on the most affected countries and the African continent as a whole.

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