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ReverCare Will Help Caregivers

Darya Moldavskaya ’12 sees a strong connection between her ILR School classes and her work as a co-founder of ReverCare, an award-winning startup in New York City.

“The ILR School played an incredibly vital role in how I ended up where I am,” Moldavskaya said. The company helps family caregivers identify, select, and vet resources to help them care for aging loved ones.

“The ILR curriculum inspired our business model of employers offering our service as an employee benefit. I came to the ILR School because I wanted to help people in the workplace.”

ReverCare was one of four winners in May of the Startup Awards at Cornell Tech, where Moldavskaya earned a master’s degree in computer science this year. Moldavskaya and Tech classmates Kiyan Rajabi and Utsav Vakil received $100,000 with the award, which includes one year of office space in Cornell Tech’s state-of-the-art Tata Innovation Center.

ReverCare was born during their last semester at Cornell Tech, when multidisciplinary teams work together to solve real-world problems. For Moldavskaya, the problem of caring for aging family members is personal; her parents, Boris and Nadia Moldavsky, are balancing careers with caring for Boris’s aging mother in their home.

“We are building a company to help our parents and millions of other caregivers,” she said.

Moldavskaya learned about employee benefits while working as a HR consultant for Mercer. That experience is helping guide the development of ReverCare for the New York City market for now.

During her last semester, she did months of interviews and research to find how to best help caregivers and is now deciding which features will help the most.

The company is now partnering with caregiver supporting networks, compiling a database, developing its product, and testing with users by piloting with individual caregivers this summer.

“Receiving the award gave us runway to get started,” she said. “It has also given us the courage and necessary support to take that leap and commit to doing something we really believe in.”


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