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2018 ILR Winter Graduation

Looking Back, Moving Forward: ILR Seniors Reflect

“You might not know what ILR means as a first-semester freshman, and that is okay! Truthfully, ILR means something a little bit different to everyone and changes throughout your academic career. The flexible nature of the program allows you to explore your personal interests. When you graduate, you'll have a field of knowledge that is truly unique, and that is very special.”

Dana Horowitz ’19

“I would tell a freshman just starting at ILR to really trust in the curriculum, be open and allow your path to change. I think a lot of students come in having a set goal of wanting to pursue a certain field; many students come in focused on pursuing finance, human resources, or plan to attend law school directly after graduation. I was definitely one of them. However, in my time in ILR I've let myself take risks and take classes I normally would not have thought aligned with my interests. Taking that risk class is what really exposed me to what I was passionate about. It made me realize that my path can change and that changing my plans was not only okay, but what college is all about.” 

Nina Leeds '19

“At ILR, I was able to learn an incredible amount about economics, labor relations, and organizational behavior, but I was also given the freedom to take courses in each of the schools at Cornell. I gained more empathy than I could ever have imagined."

"To freshmen just starting: speak up! Don’t be intimidated. Everyone says something dumb at some point. Be honest. Try new things. Take classes that are interesting, not easy. AND go to a wrestling match before you graduate!”

Derek M. Krajewski ’19

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