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Distillery Changes Course

Raymond Disch ’80 with a bottle of hand sanitizer produced by his company, Sourland Mountain Spirits.

Raymond Disch ’80 has transitioned his New Jersey distillery, Sourland Mountain Spirits, into a hand sanitizer manufacturing facility to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

“Within two weeks, our main ingredient -- non-GMO, neutral grain -- went from helping people celebrate life to helping save it,” Disch said.

The first batch was poured into 2,000 bottles and delivered to Princeton Penn and Capital Health hospitals earlier this week. Donations have also been made to local nonprofits. 

After fulfilling the demand for health care systems, first responders and local nonprofits, Disch plans to sell primarily to for-profit organizations in eight- and 64-ounce bottles.
In compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standards, Sourland Mountain Spirits distills 92 percent alcohol into 80 percent alcohol, then mixes it with aloe and hydrogen peroxide to complete the hand sanitizer.

Before it began producing hand sanitizer, Sourland Mountain Spirits made bourbon, gin and brandy, selling its first bottle in 2017. The distillery is continuing to bottle spirits but is primarily focused on making sanitizer, Disch said. 

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