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Dean Colvin and Rebecca Kehoe Discuss Star Employees on WORK!

In our latest episode of “WORK! Exploring the Future of Work, Labor and Employment,” Cornell ILR Dean Alex Colvin speaks with Rebecca Kehoe, CALS ’05, M.S. ’08, Ph.D. ’10, associate professor of human resources studies at the ILR School, about her research around “star” employees and their effect on their co-workers and employers.  

Kehoe’s  research focuses on how organizations achieve competitive advantage through employees. Kehoe specifically examines how star employees – those at the very top of the productivity spectrum – influence the performance and status attained by their peers and employers. 

In “Shadows and Shields: Stars Limit Their Collaborators’ Exposure to Attributions of Both Credit and Blame,” published in December by Personnel Psychology, Kehoe and her co-author examine how collaborating with a star affects credit and blame for non-stars. 

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