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The 2021 Elections and Future of Employment in NYC

exterior photo of ILR's offices in Manhattan, NYC

New York City, as a financial and cultural center, will be different from the pre-pandemic world. The 2021 elections are about the economic revival of NYC and the industries and jobs that thrive will be influenced by those public officials who are elected.

In addition to collecting information from their websites, we have sent the candidates running for the offices of Mayor, Public Advocate, and Comptroller a survey to learn their positions on work, labor, and employment. Their responses are posted on this site as they are received.

Office of the Mayor
NYC's Chief Operating Officer

The next Mayor of NYC must move forward to address the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic—significant budget shortfalls, glaring inequalities and crises in health care, housing, and education, high unemployment, and increases in hate and other violent crimes.

See the NYC Mayoral Candidates
Photo of New York City Hall Subway Station
See the NYC Mayoral Candidates
Office of Comptroller
NYC's Chief Financial Officer

As the city faces historic financial challenges following COVID-19, with high unemployment and homelessness in New York, the Comptroller, NYC’s Chief Financial Officer, will play a critical role in the recovery of NYC.

See the Comptroller Candidates
photo of laptop showing financial illustrations
See the Comptroller Candidates
Office of Public Advocate
The People's Advocate

The COVID-19 pandemic has created economic and healthcare crises and exposed glaring inequities in access to services in NYC. The Public Advocate, as an advocate for the people of the City, plays an essential role in ensuring that the needs of the citizens and business are met in the post-pandemic world.

See the Public Advocate Candidates
street-level view of New York City's Municipal Building
See the Public Advocate Candidates

Disclaimer:  Cornell University does not participate in political campaigns on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office. All candidates for the for the offices of Mayor, Public Advocate, and Comptroller are invited to respond to these questions on an equal basis, and the responses of all who choose to respond will be posted to this website.