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Many opportunities exist for ILR undergraduates to explore academic programs, experience career related positions, and work closely with ILR faculty.

Some of these opportunities will be on campus, others may be internships somewhere in the United States or abroad, working with a corporation or governmental agency. Students may also decide to incorporate a semester or full year of study at a foreign university.

Faculty in ILR and staff members in the Office of Student Services are available to discuss these various options and to help students make decisions that fit their specific interests.

  • International Experience
  • Internships
  • Service Learning
  • Disability Services
  • Dual Degree Programs
  • Fellowships
  • Minors
  • Student Research

What is the suggested sequence in Disability Studies?

The suggested sequence in Disability Studies offered in conjunction with the ILR School's K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability; affords interested students the opportunity to examine the experience of persons with disabilities across all domains of life, but focuses primarily on their human rights and inequalities.

For those students interested in the suggested sequence in Disability Studies, see below for a listing of courses:

ILR LR 1200: Introduction to Disability Studies (Fall, 3 Credits)

ILR LR 2010/5010: Labor and Employment Law (Fall and Spring, 3 Credits)

ILR LR 2060: Writing Seminar in Law – Socio-legal perspectives on Disability (Fall, 3 Credits)*

ILR LR 2060: Writing Seminar in Law – Disability Law and Ethics (Spring, 3 Credits)*

ILR LR 3090: It Takes Work: Innovations in Law and Practice to Advance Employment for Students with Disabilities (Fall, 4 Credits)

Coming Fall 2022

ILR LR 4023: Disability and Employment Policy (Spring, 7-weeks, 2 Credits)

ILR LR 4033: Disability Law (Spring, 4 Credits)

ILR LR 4035: Intersectionality in Disability Studies (Spring, 4 Credits)

ILR IC 4360: Global Comparative Disability Policy (Fall, 4 Credits)

ILR HR 4657: Workplace Disability Inclusion: Innovations and Initiatives (Autism at Work) (Fall, 7-weeks, 2 Credits)

ILR HR 4970/4980: Credit Internship and Field Research (Autism at Work) (Spring, 12 Credits – 8 Credits for Internship, 4 Credits for Field Research)

ILR HR 4990: Directed Study (Autism at Work) (Spring, 4 Credits)

ILR HR 6410: Disability Considerations in Human Resource Policy and Practice (Fall, 7-weeks, 2 Credits)

*Designates an ILR Sophomore Writing Seminar open to only ILR sophomores and new transfers, students may only take ONE of these writing seminars.

For more information contact:

Kate MacDowell, Program Coordinator
201L Dolgen Hall
(607) 255-7727

Dual Degree Programs

Five-Year MBA Program

Offered in conjunction with the Johnson Graduate School of Management, this very small program is open to uniquely qualified undergraduates who began their studies at Cornell as freshmen.

This program is highly selective and rigorous. Interested students should plan to meet with staff in the Johnson School Admissions Office, prepare to take the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT), and complete application materials in the junior year.

Learn more about the Five-Year MBA Program.


Students may pursue minors in any department in any college that offers them, subject to limitations placed by the department offering the minor or by the student's major.

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Find out more about Minors