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Gaining valuable experience over the summer can provide you with a competitive edge when searching for a full time job or admission into graduate programs. It is also a great way to determine what career path to pursue.

High Road Fellowships

Photo: High Road Fellows Jumping

Since 2009, this fellowship program has provided opportunities for Cornell undergraduate students to participate as a group in research, engaged learning, and service in community-based economic development in Buffalo. Undergoing dynamic reinvention, Buffalo is home to a rich array of creative organizations tackling rust belt challenges. Students will learn about and contribute to vibrant local innovation by working with nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, government officials, business and labor advocates focused on revitalizing the metro Buffalo economy. Affordable group housing is available for students not from the area.

After completing a summer on the High Road, many students are assuming leadership roles on campus.

Other ways to find opportunities

Web Search

Explore positions that may be posted on national job boards, and directly on web sites of organizations that interest you.


Connect with potential employers in your hometown or preferred areas, and inquiring about potential summer openings.

Summer Survey

Use this extensive database of previous summer positions to find possible leads. Since these employers have recent experience with one or more ILR students, they may respond positively to a letter or phone call from a current student.

Additional resources are available to assist you in maximizing your search. Alumni directories, listing ILR alumni in your geographical region, may also lead to summer job contacts.