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  1. Objectives of the Dual M.I.L.R./M.B.A. Degree Program
  2. Administration of the Program
  3. Admissions
  4. Advisors
  5. Credit Requirements
  6. Course Requirements
  7. Other Policies

1. Objectives of the Dual M.I.L.R./M.B.A. Degree Program

The Dual M.I.L.R./M.B.A. Degree Program is designed to provide both a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and a Master of Industrial and Labor Relations (M.I.L.R.) degree to students seeking comprehensive professional education in both fields. It allows students to complete academic requirements for both degrees while eliminating overlapping course work. In this five-semester program, students gain insight into the skills, capabilities, and best practices demanded in a workplace that requires intelligent, flexible and effective leaders.

2. Administration of the Program

Once a dual degree candidate begins taking courses at Cornell the student is considered a degree candidate in both the ILR School and Johnson regardless of the school in which the candidate is enrolled for a particular semester. The dual degree candidate may choose which semesters he/she will enroll in each college. Students must inform each college, where they plan to be enrolled prior to the start of each semester. Regardless of the college of enrollment, the dual degree candidate may take courses in either college during any of the five semesters. Students are governed by the policies of both colleges and subject to approval of their administrative entities; The ILR Graduate Committee in ILR and the corresponding entity in Johnson.

3. Admissions

Applicants must apply and be admitted to both the M.B.A. program at Johnson and the M.I.L.R. program at the ILR School separately. Previous work experience is preferred, but is not required, for admission to ILR. Full-time work experience is not required by Johnson, but most of their students complete two to five years of full-time experience prior to enrolling. Johnson accepts a small number of outstanding applicants with less than one year of full-time experience.

Requirements for admission to the M.I.L.R. Degree Program include:

  • Aptitude for graduate work as demonstrated by the GRE or GMAT examination and other appropriate criteria, including undergraduate (and previous graduate level) success and academic recommendations. NOTE: there is no specific minimum test score or GPA; applications are considered on all relative merits.
  • A demonstrated desire and goals appropriate to this field of study, especially as expressed in the statement of purpose.

Applicants are required to submit a completed Cornell Graduate Application (and application fee); statement of purpose; complete transcripts from all institutions attended; GRE or GMAT Test scores; TOEFL Scores from international applicants*; a resume or CV detailing applicant's work experience; 2 letters of recommendation from a college or university faculty member acquainted with applicant's academic work (academic references are preferred but professional references will be accepted); and a video interview.

International graduate students are admitted with the same criteria as US citizens, including the results of the aptitude tests of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). All international applicants must demonstrate proficiency in the English language by submitting official test scores from a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam.

Note: Students pay for two semesters at the ILR tuition rate and three semesters at Johnson rate.

4. Advisors

Students choose two advisors, one from each program.

5. Credit Requirements

Satisfactory completion of 30 M.I.L.R. credits while enrolled at ILR and satisfactory completion of the required M.B.A. credits while enrolled at Johnson. The dual degree requires 5 full-time semesters (2 at ILR and 3 at Johnson).

While enrolled at the ILR School, students must take a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours and a maximum of twenty (20) credit hours each semester.

6. Course Requirements

The course requirements for the M.I.L.R./M.B.A. dual degree include a total of 30 M.I.L.R. credits while enrolled at ILR and 47* in the M.B.A. program; complete 2 full-time semeseters registered at the ILR School and 3 full-time semesters registered at Johnson.
*It is your responsibility to check M.B.A. requirements with the Johnson Registrar to enwure their policies and credit requirements for the M.B.A. portion of your M.I.L.R./M.B.A. have not changed.

M.I.L.R. Requirements

18 credit hours of M.I.L.R. core courses (or approved substitutes) and a minimum of 12 credit hours of ILR elective courses approved by the candidate's advisor.

M.I.L.R. core courses include:

  • ILRLR 5000 Labor Relations
  • ILRLR 5110 Labor and Employment Law
  • ILRST 5200 Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences
  • ILROB 5200 Organizational Behavior
  • ILRLE 5400 Labor Economics
  • ILRHR 5600 Human Resource Management

M.B.A. Requirements

Johnson core courses are taken from seven key areas: Financial Accounting, Statistics for Management, Microeconomics for Management, Marketing Management, Managing and Leading in Organizations, Strategy, Managerial Finance and Managing Operations.

7. Other Policies: Grades, Language, Teaching, Exams, Recommendation for Degree

Students will follow all other policies of both degree programs. See the policies for the M.I.L.R. degree and the M.B.A. degree for specific details.