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Guidelines for Completion of ILR Global Scholars Program

1. International Experience

Completion of one significant international experience is required. The following types of experiences are acceptable:

  1. Study abroad for a semester or a year
  2. International credit internship
  3. Participation in a service learning program abroad
  4. Conducting honors thesis research abroad (not part of a study abroad experience)

The experience must be completed in a country other than the United States, different from your country of origin, and different from the country in which you did much of your schooling.

The experience must constitute significant engagement for a substantial period (at least longer than one month). The experience must be anchored around courses, research, or service learning projects.

2. Foreign Language Study

Twelve language credits must be completed (three consecutive courses in a single foreign language). Languages taken elsewhere (e.g. while studying abroad) will count towards the 12 credits;


One course must successfully be completed at the 2000 level;


A student may take a CASE (Cornell Advance Standing Exam) in a language in which he/she is proficient. A passing score will fulfill the ILR Global Scholars language requirement.

3. GPA

A minimum GPA of 3.6 is required for acceptance into the program, and students must maintain at least a 3.5 gpa at graduation to receive the Global Scholars Program designation.

4. International/Comparative Courses

  1. The IC distribution requirement of ONE course must be met.
  2. An additional FOUR international/comparative courses must be taken. These courses may be taken from the list approved for the IC distribution requirement or may be taken from anywhere else in the university if approved by the student’s advisor (TWO 7 week 2 credit courses can be combined to count as a course)
  3. THREE of the five courses must be taken inside ILR
  4. THREE of the five courses may focus on a particular region of the world but the remaining two courses must focus on other regions. For example, three courses can be taken on East Asia or China but the other two must deal with other regions, such as Latin America, Europe, Africa, etc.
  5. ALL courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  6. A maximum of ONE course taken while studying abroad will count towards the course requirements. However, language courses will qualify for the language requirement.
  7. Independent studies or honors theses (on international topics) will count as ONE course towards the GSP.

5. Reflective Paper

A reflective paper (of approximately ten pages) that is based on the sum of the student’s international experiences, coursework, and language learning, is to be submitted to the student’s GSP advisor. The paper must be submitted no later than the end of the student’s graduating term (the end of the student’s graduating term is defined as the last day of exams in the semester). This paper will be graded by the advisor on a pass/fail basis.