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Queen Mary University of London, UK

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is one of the UK's leading research-focused higher education institutions. With 25,332 students, 4,000 staff and an annual turnover of £400m, QMUL is one of the biggest University of London colleges.  QMUL has an international reputation for academic excellence: it is a member of the Russell Group, which represents 24 leading UK universities.

The ILR-QMUL exchange is with the School of Business and Management.  The study of Business and Management at Queen Mary draws on, and intersects with, a huge range of disciplines, from Economics, Philosophy and Psychology to social Geography, Politics and History. These feed into a deeper understanding of business and management practices and how they shape society as whole. 

  • Program Terms and Dates

    Program Terms

    Fall, Spring

    Program Dates

    QMUL Academic Calendar

  • Courses and Credits

    QMUL School of Business and Management Courses (in filter options, select "Business and Management" for school, and "Yes" for Associates)

    Students can select courses from a variety of subject areas within the School of Business and Management including Management, Marketing, Accounting, Business, Finance, Law, etc.

    • Students must enroll in a full course load while abroad (equivalent to 15 credit hours). At QMUL, ILR students must enroll in four full-time courses (a total of 60 CATS) during their semester abroad.
    • Students can earn up to 15 ILR elective credits.
    • Courses have to be approved for ILR elective credit.
    • Students will receive credit for academic coursework completed abroad that is equivalent to a Cornell grade of "C."
    • Students cannot take courses as Pass/Fail.
    • All courses and grades will appear on the Cornell transcript in the same format as they are recorded on the original transcript generated by the host institution.
    • Grades are not calculated in the overall GPA.
  • Tuition and Other Costs
    • This exchange program is tuition-neutral (students pay regular tuition to the ILR School).
    • Financial aid would apply; if you are currently receiving financial aid, your package would be adjusted based on your determined level of need and the projected costs of the program.
    • ILR exchange students are responsible for the following expenses: passport, visa, airfare, room and board, transportation, course fees (if applicable), books, and personal expenses.
  • Eligibility

    ILR undergraduate students interested in expanding their academic knowledge of the UK may apply. In addition, ILR undergraduate students must

    • have junior or senior standing;
    • have all ILR core requirements completed;
    • be in good standing with the ILR School and the University; and
    • have a 3.3 GPA.
  • How to Apply

    *Applications reviewed on a rolling basis

    1. Make an appointment.

    Interested students must meet with Tamara Ingram, Assistant Director ILR International Programs, to discuss plans and eligibility.  To make an appointment, e-mail:

    2. Complete online application.

    You must log in with your NetID and password to access the application.

    Please note that you can only apply the semester prior to your intended semester abroad.