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Cost, Billing, and Financial Aid

The sample budget items listed below are estimates of the costs you may incur during a semester in Ireland.  Costs will vary depending on exchange rates and your individual needs.

Please note, you will continue to pay ILR tuition at the same in-state or out-of-state rate as you do when you are in residence at the Ithaca campus.


  • Approximately $5,500 USD on-campus (depending on exchange rates) + $750 refundable housing deposit
  • Approximately $6,000 USD off-campus (depending on exchange rates) + $750 refundable housing deposit

Utilities: $325/semester for electricity (on-campus only)

Phone: $400

Television: $600 (student accommodations do not have phone or TVs)

Airfare: $1,200

Food: $2,750

Books: $400-500

Health Insurance Fee: $250

Passport: $125

Immigration Fee:  $400

Personal: $2,750

Local Transport: $800


Your ILR tuition will continue to be billed to you directly by Cornell University.  You will not receive a tuition bill of any kind from University College, Dublin.


Housing costs will be billed directly to the student by University College, Dublin for those students who choose to live on campus.  For those students who elect to live off-campus, housing information, including billing arrangements, will come directly to the student from the management of the housing facility to which you are assigned.  Housing bills will be sent to students in late July/early August.

Financial Aid

If you currently receive financial aid, you will continue to receive that financial aid while you are off campus!  Financial Aid can be used for all relevant expenses related to study abroad including: tuition, housing, meals, personal expenses, books, and (non-tourist related) airfare.

You are NOT eligible to work in Dublin. If you receive Federal Work Study support, this aid will be converted to student loans.

Financial aid may be adjusted up or down to reflect the comparative expense of studying in Dublin vs. Ithaca.

If you do not currently receive financial aid, but think you might be eligible given the additional expenses of studying abroad, you should contact an advisor in the Financial Aid Office well in advance of the semester you elect to study abroad to discuss this possibility.

UCD housing charges may be due before you receive financial aid refunds for which you may be eligible. If you will need your refund to apply to the UCD housing costs, you should be in direct contact with the Financial Aid Office.  Financial aid officers will review each case individually to determine if your funds can be released early.  You must provide the Financial Aid Office with your start/end dates, date of departure, and your contact information prior to leaving for Dublin.  All financial aid applications must be completed before you inquire about an early dispersal.

To receive refunds once you have left for Dublin, the Office of Financial Aid recommends that you sign up for Direct Deposit through the Cornell Bursar. Checks will be directly deposited into the bank account you have specified.