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The primary mission of the Smithers Institute is to  advance alcohol research in the context of the workplace. The Smithers Institute’s research focuses on a number of related themes: blue-collar stressors and substance use, member assistance programs and workplace intervention, stress of front-line responders and substance abuse, the retirement transition and the hidden epidemic of alcoholism.

Research has expanded to include the College-to-Work study and the newly funded Department of Defense Soldier-to-Work Transition study. The core of the Smithers Institute’s intent is to conduct focused, integrated, cumulative quality research and to share what we learn with the wider public.

Internship Description (intern can be on the Ithaca Cornell campus with communication via zoon)
The intern will be given access to the College-to-Work (C2W) dataset. This data was collected from students graduating from Cornell University, University of Michigan, University of Florida, and University of Washington. Participants were followed into their job search and their first post-graduation employment. The data has been used as the basis for papers listed below.

The intern, under the direction of the Smithers Institute Research Director would be charged with examining the data and making connections that have not yet been explored. The results may not be suitable for publication in an academic journal, but they may be interesting enough to publicize and share via the Smithers website and other outlets.

This position would require the intern to work 10-12 hours/week and pay $15.00/hour.  The intern would also earn 4 advanced ILR elective credits.

Skills needed

  • The ideal intern has strong analytical and writing skills; preferably a junior or senior.
  • This intern should have successfully completed Statistical Methods for Social Science (ILRST2110) and is continuing or has an interest in continuing coursework in statistics.
  • Must be proficient in Excel and comfortable using Qualtrics and SPSS.

Application Process
Inquire with Brigid Beachler, Managing Director at Submit cover letter and resume.

Published papers using the C2W dataset:
Does College Alcohol Consumption Impact Employment upon Graduation? Findings from a Prospective Study. Journal of Applied Psychology, 103 (1), 111-121, 2018.

When the Party Continues: Impulsivity and the Effect of Employment on Young Adults' Post-College Alcohol Use. Addictive Behaviors, 77, 114-120. February 2018.