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Bickerman Dispute Resolution, PLLC located in Washington, DC is a full service alternative dispute resolution firm devoted to creating and facilitating alternatives to litigation.  John Beckerman has mediated and arbitrated a wide range of disputes involving Fortune 100 companies, federal and state agencies, local governments and Indian tribes. He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the ILR School.

Press, Dozier & Hamelburg, LLC is a general practice law firm in Bethesda, Maryland engaged is a wide range of legal practice. Ray Aragon is a litigation attorney specializing in business and contract disputes, insurance coverage claims, intellectual property disputes, contractor disputes, and product safety issues. He has more than twenty years of experience helping clients navigate business disputes, regulatory proceedings, and government investigations. He is a former Director of Compliance at the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, a former partner at DC’ McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP and a Yale Law School graduate.

Internship Description
The internship for the fall 2019 or spring 2020 academic year is an unusual blend of dispute resolution and litigation. John and Ray have been retained to represent a case of denial of constitutional rights. They have filed a federal civil rights claim under a Civil War statute against the District of Columbia that is headed to trial in 2020.  The intern will assist in the prosecution of the civil rights claim and would be asked to perform tasks that a legal assistant or law clerk would normally perform at a major law firm.

Skills Needed
The successful intern would be extremely motivated, task-oriented and creative. The intern would be expected to master and analyze facts and synthesize arguments and have excellent writing, research, communication and computer skills required.

Application Process
This internship is for the fall or spring 2019.  Inquire with Brigid Beachler, Managing Director at right away. Submit cover letter and resume.

Note: This internship would be of particular interest to candidates interested in pursuing careers in law or business. An intern will also receive hands-on experience of mediations and arbitrations. Both John and Ray take an interest in mentoring students and explaining what they do and why by providing insights into their practice. In the past, students who interned for John went on to successful careers in law and business.  This opportunity is available for funding through ILR’s Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution and interns will receive a total of 16 advanced ILR elective credits for the semester.