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While you're studying away from campus, you have full access to ILR OCS and our services, and can still participate in Cornell's On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)! Review the tips below and contact us with any questions. If you have questions about your career development, or need help creating a job/internship search strategy, schedule remote (Zoom) appointments with OCS advisors (be sure to note that you are away and need to conduct the appointment via Zoom or phone).


Complete Requirements

Begin Applying

  • Review postings carefully and craft applications only to those that interest you.
  • Contact recruiters informing them you are away from campus. Attach your materials for convenience.
  • Follow all application instructions. If employers direct you to an in-house system, you must also apply there by the deadline for the posting.
  • Avoid waiting until the deadline; some employers review applications on a rolling basis.

OCR Interviews

  • If selected as a Primary or Alternate candidate in Handshake, contact the employer to ask the employer if they are able/willing to arrange a virtual interview outside the on-campus interview schedule (recommended) to remain compliant with Cornell Career Services’ On-Campus Recruiting Policy.
  • Sign up for an interview slot in Handshake ONLY IF the employer tells you they intend to conduct a virtual interview as part of the on-campus visit.
  • If you need contact information for an employer, email


Explore Handshake, but also sites like, (specifically for non-profits), and industry-specific search sites (like Follow the instructions on the posting on how to apply. Some will accept applications through the search sites while others will direct you to their websites.

Be sure your application materials indicate clearly ways to contact you while you are away from campus.


  • For study abroad, UCD, LSE, and other academic exchange programs, add the abroad experience under the “education” section, as a separate entry below Cornell.
  • Credit interns: Add it as either under Relevant Experience, Experience, or Internship Experience, with bullets outlining the details and the transferable skills.
  • List only addresses and contact info where you may be reached. For example, if you are abroad, and are not using your domestic phone number, then don’t list it.
  • If including address, use your temporary address, if desired. It helps remind readers that you are away from campus.
  • Include any Skype or other video chat account name and/or an international cell phone number as part of your contact information.

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First paragraph should indicate that you are away from campus.

For On-Campus Recruiting postings in Handshake, be clear that because you are unable to interview on site and if selected, hope to make alternate arrangements for an interview. Indicate if you are in driving distance and are willing to come to Ithaca for the interview date, assuming your current credit intern sponsor is okay with it (ask first)!

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