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photograph of Whitney Cook

Whitney Cook interns at Compensation Advisory Partners (CAP)

During my second semester of my junior year, I worked as an Analyst intern for Compensation Advisory Partners (CAP) which is an executive compensation consulting firm that works with boards of directors and management teams to help clients make informed decisions about executive compensation.  CAP is unique from my prior internships because of the people; in an entrepreneurial, collaborative environment, my co-workers gave me so much valuable insight into my professional development and into life at CAP.

I had never considered executive compensation as a career until being exposed to the field. This experience inspired me to take Start-Up Learning and Executive Compensation upon my return to campus to explore what a career in executive compensation at a small consulting company will specifically entail. Moreover, I really appreciated the opportunity to apply the skills that ILR taught me to the corporate world. The research project that I pursued in Labor Economics with Professor Smith paralleled a project that I worked on throughout my internship.  My credit internship advisor was Professor Smith and it was extremely useful to consult with him on the methodology of my project at CAP.

Rather than staying the traditional 4 months for the credit internship, I continued working  through the summer for a total of 6 months. I then received a full-time offer and will be working at CAP upon graduation.
I recommend all ILR students pursue the credit internship program.  This program affords students the opportunity to explore an additional career field outside of the traditional 10-week summer internship format.  I did not feel like an intern at CAP; after six months, I felt like, and was treated as, a full-time analyst. Additionally, a credit internship affords students greater professional experience; this professional experience helps credit interns stand out against other candidates.  From the valuable work experience I gained, to the people I met, I cannot express how happy I am to have participated in the ILR Credit Internship Program.