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screenshot of Tonya Hallett from a video interview

Interview: Ariel Avgar speaks with Tonya Hallett about General Motors' HR strategy

ILR's Professor Ariel Avgar spoke with Tonya Hallett about how the pandemic has affected General Motors' operations and HR processes to continue production while keeping large numbers of people safe. Tonya is GM's executive director of human resources in global manufacturing.

In the interview, Tonya outlined the impact of the pandemic on her industry – providing context for how it's affected business and their HR processes. She also tied GM's organizational situation into the wider story of the automotive and manufacturing industries. She and Professor Avgar discussed the human side of the pandemic, focusing on HR, internal communications, and the work of building company well-being and equity while shifting to remote working (alongside business and economic changes to the industry).

Tonya is currently transitioning from her role with GM and will be soon moving to Amazon as the Vice President Human Resources, Global Delivery Services.

You can watch the full interview between Tonya and Ariel below, and on the ILR Youtube channel.