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Nabiha Qudsi

Nabiha Qudsi



New York

During my time at IBM as a Human Resources Generalist, I had the opportunity to experience the creation and transition of a new business unit, Watson Health. I was able to help with the growth of the company first-hand by assisting with the employee on-boarding experience for an acquisition as well as contributing to some of the culture strategy initiatives. It was a unique fast-paced setting and I enjoyed getting exposure to the technology industry.

After graduation, I will be doing management consulting at Accenture. While most of my internships have been focused on HR, I currently aspire to have broad business exposure to multiple companies. My credit internship was a unique opportunity that definitely made me stand out in the interviewing process because of the experiences I could talk about, even if they were not for HR roles.

I highly recommend the credit internship to future students. It can sometimes be very hard to understand your role within a company in a two-month internship. In a credit internship, you create lasting experiences and will truly be a part of the team. I was initially concerned about not being on a college campus, but the class at the ILR extension office allowed me to be in a classroom setting. Additionally, I was fortunate enough to have another IBM credit intern sit across from me, so I never felt alone in the program.