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Hannah Schmelkin ‘22 and Marty Schmelkin ’91

Like Father, Like Daughter

Hannah Schmelkin ’22 grew up hearing so many meaningful stories about her father’s college years that she knew she wanted to experience ILR for herself.

“From having some of the same professors such as Ileen DeVault, Ron Ehrenberg and Bill Sonnenstuhl, to sending along interesting articles and readings I get from my classes, I couldn’t be prouder and happier to be a part of the ILR community alongside my dad,” she said.

Hannah Schmelkin ‘22 and Marty Schmelkin ’91 with the Ezra Cornell statue 21 years apart.
Twenty-one years after being introduced to Ezra, Hannah Schmelkin '22 returned to the statue with her father, Marty Schmelkin '91.

Marty Schmelkin ’91 said, “It has been so interesting to experience ILR the second time around through the eyes of a parent. Although some of the curriculum has changed, at its core, Hannah’s ILR education has been very similar to my own. And the amount of reading certainly has not changed, either!”

Treasurer of the ILR Alumni Association, Schmelkin is an employment law partner with Jones Day in New York City.

“I had a wonderful ILR undergraduate experience, from a variety of perspectives, including academic, extracurricular and personal. I remain close with several people from my ILR years, not only students, but also professors. I hope that Hannah will have that same level of connectivity in the years ahead.”

Hannah had minors in inequality studies, law and society, education, and migration studies, and focused her studies on the intersection of law, diversity, equity and inclusion, immigration policy and human resource management. She was the co-president of the ILR Women’s Caucus, a co-founder of the Cornell Anti-Detention Alliance and a member of Art Beyond Cornell.

“My ILR experience has been incredible. I’ve learned so much both inside and outside of the classroom, and can’t thank all of the amazing professors, administrators and peers enough who have shaped my college journey. I’ve loved the diverse curriculum and gained so much knowledge and leadership skills along the way. I am confident that I will take these skills with me into the workplace and beyond, and I will certainly be an active ILR alumna.”

In September, Hannah joins the People Advisory Services division at EY in Chicago. “Dad, see you in the working world!”

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