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Our Mission

The Worker Institute at Cornell engages in research and education on contemporary labor issues, to generate innovative thinking and solutions to problems related to work, economy and society. The institute brings together researchers, educators and students with practitioners in labor, business and policymaking to confront growing economic and social inequalities, in the interests of working people and their families. A core value of the Worker Institute is that collective representation and workers' rights are vital to a fair economy, robust democracy and just society.

Advisory Council

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People at the Institute

  • Executive Director, The Worker Institute

Dr. Campos-Medina is a researcher and labor educator focusing on the intersection of race, immigration status and worker’s rights.

  • Professor of Labor and Employment Law, ILR School, Academic Director, The Worker Institute

  • Senior Extension Associate - Director of Research for Worker Rights and Equity

Anne Marie Brady is the Senior Extension Associate – Research Director, Worker Rights and Equity. Anne Marie holds a Ph.D.

  • Co-Director of the National Labor Leadership Institute

Jeff Grabelsky is the Co-Director of the National Labor Leadership Institute at Cornell.

  • Senior Extension Associate

  • Program Coordinator

  • Director of the National Labor Leadership initiative

Kathleen Mulligan is the Director of Labor Leadership Programs, and Co-Director of the National Labor Leadership Initiative, at Cornell University’s ILR School.

  • Program Coordinator

  • Senior Extension Associate

  • Director of Training and Curriculum Design, Equity and Worker Rights, Worker Institute
Arianna brings to this role more than 12 years of experience in the design of training and curriculum to assist the community, labor, and social justice movements.

  • Senior Extension Associate, Labor Leadership Team

David Unger is a Senior Extension Associate for the Worker Institute’s Labor Leadership Team, where he works to help build the NYS AFL-CIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute’s presence across New Y

  • Director of Equity at Work Initiatives, Worker Institute
KC has provided training to worker centers, unions, corporations, non-profit, educational and government organizations in diverse industries, professions and workplace settings.

  • Senior Researcher, Worker Rights and Equity

Zoë West, PhD, is Senior Researcher, Worker Rights and Equity (Senior Extension Associate).

Union Days 2023

Union Days begin March 15 with "Unions on Campus," a presentation and panel discussion with members from different university worker organizations.
United Student Group
Union Days 2023

ULI Graduation February 2023

The Union Leadership Institute (ULI) graduation was held at the Cornell ILR NYC offices on Feb 10. Participants celebrated their accomplishments with family and friends.
ULI Graduation 2023 group pic
ULI Graduation February 2023

Expanding Essential Unemployment Coverage in NYS Webinar

As our labor market changes, as our needs change and as new social risks arise, we need an unemployment compensation program to work in tandem with these changes
essential workers
Expanding Essential Unemployment Coverage in NYS Webinar

Worker Institute Fellows


Through our Fellows program, the Worker Institute acknowledges the groundbreaking work of our external colleagues and partners in the labor movement. Worker Institute Fellows have been nominated due to their ongoing and continued work on key Worker Institute projects.


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