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Knowledge into practice

The Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS) and HR Studies faculty at the Cornell ILR School investigate issues relevant to practitioners and add to the HR management body of knowledge. A fundamental focus and distinguishing characteristic of CAHRS is original research of the highest quality. Studies focus on all aspects of human resource management. The CAHRS resource collection includes many different types of publications, documents, and media, described below.


Launched in 2009, the ResearchBrief series provides HR practitioners with concise, high-level overviews of research by Cornell ILR Schools HR Studies (HRS) faculty. The two- to four-page summaries cover not only research studies published in academic journals, but also the most current, completed research yet to be submitted for publication. (This publication series is the follow-on to the CAHRS faculty working papers series.)

Working Group Summary Reports

The CAHRS Working Group Summary Reports summarize sessions where CAHRS HR professionals come together with CAHRS faculty in topical meetings to discuss today's most pressing HR and business issues, and share best practices inside their firms. Working Groups are intimate, open-ended discussions with a flexible schedule to allow for ample interaction and networking, something we consider critical to the goal of our working groups. These meetings also help define next steps and new directions for current and future ILR School HR faculty research.

CAHRS Online Webcasts

Connect with ILR faculty and HR professionals to participate in live discussions about critical HR topics, and access archived webcasts on your own schedule.

CAHRS can connect your organization with up to seven other CAHRS partner companies to facilitate discussions of best practices in areas that you specify. Results of these engagements are published and made available to all partners.