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Students meet with HR professional at a round table


Building relationships between education and industry

CAHRS members regularly engage with Cornell students. Through partner meetings, receptions, and organized round-table discussions (among many more), CAHRS partners join the  networks of undergraduate and graduate students. Many organizations get the chance to meet future hires and experience the emerging culture of HR from rising HR leaders.

Executive Roundtables

One unique and valuable aspect of the CAHRS partnership is the opportunity for CAHRS executives to interact with future HR professionals pursuing their graduate studies or finishing their undergraduate studies at Cornell. Since 1997, CAHRS has offered our partners an opportunity to be involved in the CAHRS Executive Roundtables. This popular event is an opportunity to exchange questions and ideas about the field of HR, the most important issues facing individual companies, the skills needed by future HR professionals, and what companies look for in recruiting entry-level professionals. Due to the popularity of this event, we limit the number of executives involved in this event to 20. The next CAHRS Executive Roundtables will be held on September 12-13, 2024 here on the Cornell Campus.


CAHRS Members contribute to HR Education

CAHRS is a source of great benefit to many Cornell students through instruction, lectures and networking. Partners contribute to HR study and education directly through guest lectures, event keynotes, and participation in HR Executive Summaries.

Executive Guest Lectures

ILR offers several human resource courses designed by the faculty to include CAHRS partners. CAHRS serves as a broker, matching speakers to classes, and helping partners to get the most out of their classroom appearances by working closely with faculty to link topics to the educational objectives. Learn more



Mutual benefits from student-led HR research

Cornell's MILR students take on the role of research assistant, designing and carrying out actionable research under the guidance of world-class HR faculty. CAHRS members benefit from continuously innovative, student-led research in forms such as partner-member surveys, executive summaries, case studies, and more.


Cornell Student Networking

Joining Cornell and HR Leaders

CAHRS partners have opportunities through CAHRS to build their brands, showcase internal talent and get to know potential undergraduate and graduate hires beyond the regular ILR recruiting process.

Cornell Student Research

Each fall, CAHRS members can submit topics to be researched in the "HR Research for Executive Decision Making" course, where student produce a one-page executive summary based on their findings.