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CAHRS Partners and faculty meeting to learn in a lecture hall
CAHRS has created something special – a culture of openness and sharing. The networking and best practice insights are invaluable. The topics discussed are relevant; they are topics that matter.
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Partner Events

CAHRS provides many ways for partners to network and share insights and best practices

Upcoming Events

Working Groups

CAHRS working groups focus on a specific topic and meet several times each year. Each working group is hosted by a partner company, and facilitated by one or more CAHRS research faculty members. Partner firms can participate in working groups at no cost, and they are generally limited to no more than 25 people. 

Partner Meetings

CAHRS hosts one or two partner meetings annually, devoted to groundbreaking research and best practice applications. Meetings are one to two days in length; attendance is restricted to partner companies and the level of participants is targeted to those who can contribute to the topic. 

Example topics:

  • The Impact of Technology on the Future of Work and the HR Function
  • Leading HR in a Changing World
  • Post-Pandemic Talent Challenges and Opportunities
  • Driving and Evolving the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Agenda
  • HR Transformation:  Enhancing Value Creation
  • Emerging HR Practices & Capabilities
  • Insights into HR Challenges from Around the Globe

An important part of the CAHRS Partnership is access to cutting edge research with practical implications for firms.

Executive Roundtables

One unique and valuable aspect of the CAHRS partnership is the opportunity for CAHRS executives to interact with future HR professionals pursuing their graduate studies or finishing their undergraduate studies at Cornell. Since 1997, CAHRS has offered our partners an opportunity to be involved in the CAHRS Executive Roundtables. This popular event is an opportunity to exchange questions and ideas about the field of HR, the most important issues facing individual companies, the skills needed by future HR professionals, and what companies look for in recruiting entry-level professionals. Due to the popularity of this event, we limit the number of executives involved in this event to 20. The next CAHRS Executive Roundtables will be held on September 12-13, 2024 here on the Cornell Campus.

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Insights and trends

CAHRS can connect your organization with up to seven other CAHRS partner companies to facilitate discussions of best practices in areas that you specify. Results of these engagements are published and made available to all partners.

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HR Research for Executive Decision Making Course

For questions or to submit topics for consideration, email or call 607-255-5882.

CAHRS partners have an opportunity each fall to submit custom questions to be researched by Cornell graduate students who take the "HR Research for Executive Decision Making" course. The course is designed to prepare students to build key HR competencies for researching and presenting information necessary for executive decision-making. Final reports are redacted of company information. 

CAHRS members can take advantage of this member benefit by submitting questions in September or early October to be considered when students choose from the list of topics. Sample executive summaries can be found at the Digital Commons repository of the world-renowned Catherwood library.

Cornell Student Networking

Joining Cornell and HR Leaders

CAHRS partners have opportunities through CAHRS to build their brands, showcase internal talent and get to know potential undergraduate and graduate hires beyond the regular ILR recruiting process.

Find out more about student engagement.

Liaison Resources

These resources can help your organization get the most from your CAHRS partnership

PDFs and videos to share with your team


  • To sign up for the CAHRS eNews, watch this CAHRSflash
  • If you'd like to distribute CAHRS eNews information to your team in text format, download this description

CAHRS Benefits

  • Download the Benefits of CAHRS Membership to distribute this information to your team
  • Take a look at this CAHRSflash describing Working Groups – one of our most popular benefits
  • Download the Leveraging CAHRS Research page
  • This CAHRSclip describes how to Submit Questions to be researched by Cornell students each Fall
  • This clip describes how your top HR leader can network with ILR students
  • Cornell also offers ways to connect with ILR students via guest lecture opportunities
  • The CAHRS benchmarking benefit outlined in this CAHRSflash allows CAHRS partners to discuss current HR issues
  • Every fall, CAHRS hosts a partner meeting, where members share lessons learned and current challenges surrounding a specific topic, as described here

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