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Connecting industry with academia

CAHRS connects industry with academia. Our members represent global, leading companies who partner with the ILR School to advance the practice of HR in their organizations. Top HR executives network with Cornell's HR expert faculty and researchers to explore, understand and put gold-standard HR processes into practice.


CAHRS members interact in small, confidential and collaborative forums with peers and thought-leaders from leading-edge global companies in HR, as well as acclaimed Cornell faculty members, exchanging insights and actionable practices that can directly impact your organization.

  • Faculty – Interact and build relationships with Cornell’s world-renowned faculty through on-campus visits, working groups, partner meetings and research collaborations.
  • Working Groups – Dive deep into a topic with peers, sharing best practices and exploring Cornell’s faculty insights informed by cutting-edge research.
  • Partner Benchmarking – Connect with a subset of other CAHRS member companies to discuss best practices about any number of topics.
  • Student Interactions – Interact with future HR professionals currently studying at Cornell through presentations, executive roundtables, guest lectures, and recruitment sessions.


"I had immediate access to thought-leaders and progressive thinkers. Great companies doing great HR. I stopped going to big conferences –those were not as valuable a use of my time. In one afternoon, I heard amazing examples of failures and successes."
- CAHRS member from food-service industry


Transform knowledge into practice excellence, educating your team and inspiring your organization. CAHRS and its renowned Human Resource Studies (HRS) faculty at the Cornell ILR School provide a multitude of innovative research, information, and opportunities to propel your HR function forward.

A small sample includes:

"We’ve spread their webinars throughout our organization. And what’s great with CAHRS is that it’s an ongoing partnership for continued learning." - CAHRS member from aerospace industry


CAHRS helps HR professionals reach their goals through both partnership and leadership. Experience innovative partnerships with world-class colleagues who are facing the same challenges, sharing results and perspectives on the issues of today. In addition, CAHRS leadership and faculty can help guide you with strategies, in-depth studies and solutions to achieve results.

We support your mission with best practices in key areas such as:

  • CHRO Role/Future Function
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Engagement
  • Globalization
  • HR Analytics/Metrics
  • HR Business Partner
  • HR Strategy
  • Talent Management
  • Total Rewards

CAHRS is a great way to get benchmarking done quickly and easily. Give the staff a call and they will facilitate the participation of partner members. You don’t have to commission a big study. You can collect good data on the topics you want.“ - CAHRS HR member from pharmaceutical company

CAHRS Members

Corporate Partners

Our members represent many industries, sectors and regions. They comprise world-leaders in their industries and in HR practice.

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