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Trends in Leadership

Human Resource Executive's "2024 HR leadership: Beyond AI, Focus on Culture, Listening" includes insights from Brad Bell, William J. Conaty Professor of Strategic Human Resources and CAHRS Academic Director. Culture transformation will be a key responsibility for HR leadership in 2024, Bell says.

“As companies are going through a lot of change—rolling out new work models: flexible, hybrid, remote work—many of them are transforming their businesses and thinking about how to transform culture to align with some of those changes,” Bell says. “I think cultural transformation will be a big trend in 2024.”

Rising employee activism is another 2024 HR trend leaders will need to navigate, particularly as the nation moves into the next election cycle, Bell says, as candidate preference can create more tension in the workplace. Meanwhile, global conflicts in the Middle East are also spilling over into discussions in the workplace, he notes.

“I think these are all issues that will continue to be front and center in the New Year,” Bell says.