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Summer Interns Help With DEI Certificate Workshops

 Judy Young, Director, Diversity and Inclusion Public Programs

Judy Young, Director, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Programs at the Institute, supervised summer student interns who gained experience and understanding of the D&I programs offered. Because of the pandemic, their work was virtual in nature. In an upcoming article the students will describe their experiences.

Here are Judy Young's thoughts about this summer’s interns and the importance of the work study program.


The Importance of the Scheinman Institute Internships.


These summer internships are mutually beneficial for both students and faculty. Students have the opportunity to engage in independent research under the guidance of Extension Faculty members and instructors with the goal of identifying current trends and organizational practices for inclusion in our  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) workshops. In turn these research findings contribute to ensuring that workshops are incorporating up-to-date information to support the infusion of theory and real world applications. The webinars offer additional advantages as these are typically conducted by DEI professionals and as such enrich our programs by providing leading edge practices and strategies to incorporate into applicable workshops.


A Fresh Perspective.


The continuous increase in the number of workshops and participants over the past year is one of our biggest accomplishments. This is largely due to the quality and relevancy of our programs and the diligence and contributions of the summer interns to their contents. Having the fresh perspective and eagerness to learn that students bring to us each summer is invaluable and mutually beneficial. Understanding how research supports and influences employment practices and elevates workplace diversity and inclusion efforts were found to be one of the most rewarding outcomes for students, Extension Faculty, and DEI program participants.


Intellectual Curiosity, Eagerness and Dedication.


While I have been engaging with summer interns for a number of years, I continue to be amazed by their intellectual curiosity, eagerness to learn, and dedication to provide excellent work. It has been my absolute privilege to get to know and interact with so many outstanding students over the years.