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The  Scheinman Institute blog provides the latest information and news about the Institute's research, education, student engagement and outreach.

Conducting Investigations while Social Distancing

Scheinman Institute experts outline practical considerations for conducting investigations while social distancing.
a desk with a laptop to illustrate the idea of working remotely

The Expansion and Implications of Various Forms of Collective Representation in the United States

Director Harry Katz's farewell address as President of the Labor Employment Relations Association.
A group of seven people stand in front of floor to ceiling windows with blue skies beyond.

The Growing Use of Mandatory Arbitration

Dean Alexander Colvin's study of how workers are increasingly being required to sign mandatory arbitration agreements.
Alexander Colvin

Individual Employment Rights Arbitration in the U.S.: Actors and Outcomes

The authors examine disposition statistics from employment arbitration cases administered over an 11-year period by the American Arbitration Association.
worker mediation and arbitration

Campus Mediation Practicum Revamped Virtually

Campus Mediation Practicum goes online revamping both courses and student mediations.
campus mediation

Dietetic Interns Seek Success Through Conflict Management

Director of Conflict Programs, Katrina Nobles, discusses why there has been an increase in the popularity of the dietetic intern conflict resolution workshop, and why that trend is likely to continue.

Diversity and Inclusion Workshops in High Demand

To meet the needs of of a changing societal and workplace landscape, the Institute's diversity and inclusion workshops are extremely popular.
Diversity Workshop

Scheinman Institute Goes Virtual to Meet Student Needs

Scheinman's move to virtual instruction supports public safety and social distancing while developing flexible and interactive long distance learning to meet the needs of students world wide.
A young student participates in a class remotely

Student Activities

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Student Research

Two students discuss their research in virtual collective bargaining and public sector unions.
student research photo

Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club Learns About Diversity in the Field of Arbitration

The Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club hosts an event featuring two student researchers focused on issues of diversity in the field of conflict resolution.
Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club zoom

Scheinman Institute Student Activities

Get the latest on upcoming student activities happening with the Scheinman Institute this fall.
Scheinman Student Activity

Student Researchers Investigate Hot Topics in Conflict Resolution

Scheinman Institute interns have spent their summer researching hot topics in conflict resolution from collective bargaining via Zoom to lack of racial diversity in arbitration.
Sarah Rim

Cornell Votes!

Patrick Mehler (ILR ‘23), describes how the skills he learned as a member of the Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club helped him lead change within this on-campus organization.
Cornell Votes! Every person every voice

Director's Update

Scheinman Institute Director Harry Katz gives an update for the month of November.

Nursing Homes are Workplaces Too!

Institute Director of Healthcare Labor Relations John August discusses issues facing workers in nursing homes.
Nursing Home

New Scheinman Video Highlights Training Programs

New Scheinman video highlights training programs.

Innovation in Labor Management Dialogue: In the Epicenter of the Pandemic

Director of Healthcare Labor Relations John August discusses advancements in union organizing for physicians.
organizing in pandemic

How Do We Resolve Labor Disputes Under Global Supply Chain Agreements?

Richard Fincher, of the Scheinman Institute Advisory Board, discusses alternative dispute resolution methods used in Myanmar.

New ADR HUB Hosts Arbitration and Mediation Webinar

The Institute supports professional webinar discussing the biased lenses involved in the process of arbitration and mediation.

Advisory Board Members

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Scheinman Advisory Board Spotlight: David Hyland

The Institute’s Advisory Board is composed of leading figures in the field of conflict resolution, including esteemed arbitrator and mediator David Hyland.
David Hyland

Alumni Spotlight: Xenia Dvoriantchikova

Scheinman Institute alum Xenia Dvoriantchikova, MILR 19’, discusses her time with the Institute and her work as an EEO Compliance Specialist.
Xenia Dvoriantchikova

Alumni Spotlight: Jason Bin

Scheinman Institute alumnus Jason Bin '20 discusses his time with the Institute and post-graduation life. 
Jason Bin

Alumni Spotlight: Michael Storm Bohling

A Walt Disney World internship during his senior year introduced Michael Storm Bohling ’14 to an exciting world of work.
Michael Bohling ’14