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The  Scheinman Institute blog provides the latest information and news about the Institute's research, education, student engagement and outreach.

Conducting Investigations while Social Distancing

Scheinman Institute experts outline practical considerations for conducting investigations while social distancing.
a desk with a laptop to illustrate the idea of working remotely

The Expansion and Implications of Various Forms of Collective Representation in the United States

Director Harry Katz's farewell address as President of the Labor Employment Relations Association.
A group of seven people stand in front of floor to ceiling windows with blue skies beyond.

The Growing Use of Mandatory Arbitration

Dean Alexander Colvin's study of how workers are increasingly being required to sign mandatory arbitration agreements.
Alexander Colvin

Individual Employment Rights Arbitration in the U.S.: Actors and Outcomes

The authors examine disposition statistics from employment arbitration cases administered over an 11-year period by the American Arbitration Association.
worker mediation and arbitration

ILR/Scheinman Institute Announce New Master’s Program in Conflict Resolution

Starting this fall, the ILR School is offering a new Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Conflict Resolution. The MPS in Conflict Resolution, Ithaca Campus, draws upon the strengths of Cornell’s Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution.
Workers with laptops at table

ILR/Scheinman Institute Offers Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Conflict Resolution

The ILR School/Scheinman Institute is pleased to announce a one-year postdoctoral fellowship for the 2021-22 academic year.
Woman with binder

ILR Students Learn Dispute Resolution Used by Hopi and Navajo Nations

A new course explores indigenous Native American dispute resolution processes.
Navajo family

Campus Mediation Practicum Revamped Virtually

Campus Mediation Practicum goes online revamping both courses and student mediations.
campus mediation

Dietetic Interns Seek Success Through Conflict Management

Director of Conflict Programs, Katrina Nobles, discusses why there has been an increase in the popularity of the dietetic intern conflict resolution workshop, and why that trend is likely to continue.

Diversity and Inclusion Workshops in High Demand

To meet the needs of of a changing societal and workplace landscape, the Institute's diversity and inclusion workshops are extremely popular.
Diversity Workshop

Student Activities

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2nd Annual Mock Baseball Salary Arbitration

On April 1st, members of the ILR Sports Business Society (SBS) and the Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club (SCRC) squared off in a Mock Baseball Salary Arbitration.
Zoom meeting for the 2nd Annual Mock Baseball Salary Arbitration

Evaluating the Role of Arbitration in Industrial Disputes: Perspectives from the United States and India

While many may think of labor strikes as features of a more tumultuous American, and global, past, they persist into and dominate our most recent memories. Most laborers, regardless of where or in which field they worked, recall the GE strike of 2019,
Resolved Publication Fall 2020

NYC Tenant Harassment During COVID-19

For some New York City residents, COVID-19 has caused immense financial strain that has impacted their ability to make rent each month; both residential and commercial tenants are finding themselves in this position.
Resolved Publication Fall 2020

Student Research

Two students discuss their research in virtual collective bargaining and public sector unions.
student research photo

Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club Learns About Diversity in the Field of Arbitration

The Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club hosts an event featuring two student researchers focused on issues of diversity in the field of conflict resolution.
Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club zoom

Scheinman Institute Student Activities

Get the latest on upcoming student activities happening with the Scheinman Institute this fall.
Scheinman Student Activity

ADR Hub Celebrates HerStory

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution Employment’s Labor ADR Hub recently hosted a virtual panel of dynamic women who are neutrals and advocates entitled, “We Make Herstory.”
Herstory Zoom meeting

Panel Examines Unionization In Big Tech

ILR Dean Alex Colvin recently moderated an important and timely webinar, “Unionization In Big Tech: Why Now”.
Jessica Garcia, Chewy Shaw, and Alexander Colvin

Patient Centered Collective Bargaining (Part One)

John August, Healthcare and Partner Programs Director, analyzes patient centered collective bargaining.
Healthcare worker and a man in the back of an ambulance

Teaching Essential Negotiation Skills

The Scheinman Institute's work with the American Federation of Teachers has helped the AFT develop confident and effective leadership who have a comprehensive understanding of collective bargaining as a tool for positive change.
Randi Weingarten

Scheinman Panel Addresses Workplace Safety Issues During The Pandemic

The Scheinman Institute, in association with eCornell, hosted an informative and timely virtual discussion of workplace safety and related issues in the pandemic.
Worker with hard hat

Beyond Resilience… How Collective Bargaining Creates Conditions For A Sustainable Positive Work Environment

Director of Healthcare and Partner Programs John August explores strategies that organizations can use to foster a positive work environment post pandemic.
Healthcare Worker

Advisory Board Members

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Scheinman Institute Advisory Board Spotlight: Cheryl Teare

“I truly believe that one of the biggest areas of conflict is in fact, agreement. The alignment of goals, ideas and actions that is invisible to the parties but that a third party can help discern and reveal.”
Cherly Teare

Scheinman Institute Advisory Board Spotlight: Douglas Wigdor

Douglas Wigdor is one of the country's leading plaintiff attorneys, specializing in employment discrimination.
Douglas Wigdor

Resolving Conflict: Douglas Wigdor

Noted attorney Douglas Wigdor discusses his representation of the victims in the Harvey Weinstein case.
Douglas Wigdor

Scheinman Advisory Board Spotlight: John Bickerman

John Bickerman’s expertise includes testifying in front of a joint congressional committee regarding the settlement of multi-billion claims brought by American Indians over mishandling of their trust accounts.
John Bickermen

Scheinman Advisory Board Spotlight: Richard Fincher

Richard Fincher’s expertise includes teaching ADR as a Fulbright Scholar for Vietnam at Ton Duc Thang University in Saigon.
Richard Fincher

Scheinman Advisory Board Spotlight: Jay Waks

The Institute’s Advisory Board is composed of leading figures in the field of conflict resolution, including Jay Waks.
Jay Waks

Alumni Spotlight: Mac Barreca

Mac Barreca, both as a student and an alumnus, has been set on a trajectory by the Scheinman Institute. He has conducted his own research regarding the overlap in skills between mediation and crisis/hostage negotiation, and continues to pursue crisis negotiation as an end goal. 
Mac Barreca

Alumni Spotlight: Shaloni Pinto

Alum Shaloni Pinto served as President of the Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club and Editor of the Institute's newsletter among many other distinctions.
Shaloni Pinto ’20

Alumni Spotlight: Keith Greenberg

Scheinman Institute alum Keith Greenberg credits his studies at ILR as key to his success as an arbitrator.
Keith Greenberg

Alumni Spotlight: Veronika Koziel  

Alum Veronika Koziel is on the front lines of employee relations.
Veronika K

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Espinosa

ILR alum Sarah Espinosa '95 discusses her educational experience with the School and Institute and her noted career as an arbitrator and mediator.
Sarah Espinosa

Alumni Spotlight: Xenia Dvoriantchikova

Scheinman Institute alum Xenia Dvoriantchikova, MILR 19’, discusses her time with the Institute and her work as an EEO Compliance Specialist.
Xenia Dvoriantchikova

Faculty and Program Directors

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Scheinman Institute Program Director Spotlight: Art Wheaton

For Program Director Art Wheaton, working with the Ford Motor Company and the UAW has been very rewarding. With Harry Katz and Sally Klingel, he assisted in teaching negotiation skills with both union and management leadership – using real world bargaining examples in preparation for multi-billion dollar negotiations.
Program Director Art Wheaton

Director’s Update

Institute Director Harry Katz provides an update for April.
Harry Katz

Scheinman Institute Faculty Spotlight: Alice Lee

Alice Lee, Assistant Professor in Organizational Behavior, has concluded that negotiations are rarely just an exchange of numbers; rather, negotiators surround their offers with explanations, accounts, and varying degrees of politeness that seek to justify, explain, and soften the potential offense of whatever terms they are proposing.
Alice Lee

Scheinman Institute Program Director Spotlight: Susan W. Brecher

Susan W. Brecher, Director Employment Law, Employee Relations and Internal Investigations Programs at the Institute, aided the employee relations leadership at one of the largest global computer technology providers.
Susan Brecher

Scheinman Institute Faculty Spotlight: Duanyi Yang

Assistant Professor Duanyi Yang’s research indicates that almost 50% of the non-union workers would vote for a union.
Assistant Professor Duanyi Yang

Scheinman Institute Program Director Spotlight: Lisa Csencsits

Scheinman Institute Director of Human Resource Programs Lisa Csencsits aided The Seeing Eye®, an organization focused on training dogs to empower their blind human companions, to better see the needs of their employees.
Lisa Csencsits